Fine Fragrances

It is said that Grasse is the birthplace of perfumery and fine fragrances in the world, and SKFF takes pride in its perfumers having their roots in this 'holy' place. With Indian economy opening up in the last 15-20 years, it is no more difficult to lay hands upon the exotic and niche raw materials that were once available only in select places in Europe. SKFF uses select and rare raw materials in its formulations for fine fragrances to produce the soft, smoothing and lasting notes.

The Asian, South East Asian and African markets are growing rapidly with regards to perfumes and doe sprays. Mukhalats, Oudhs and a growing need for French-like perfumes is what defines the Middle East market for fine fragrances. Our experts with their regular trips to different parts of the world give us the firm belief that SKFF has the right fragrances to cater to the needs of all these markets.
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